Kampot Tour Guide | Solo Travelers Life in Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot is a beautiful city located at about 4 hours travel from the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh and 90 minutes drive from Sihanoukville, the beach paradise of Cambodia. There are many beautiful places to visit in and around Kampot. I arrived at Kampot from Phnom Penh, in a mini van which costed me 9$. After a beautiful 4 hours drive, I reached Kampot.



I stayed in a hotel called Bird’s nest, a pretty decent budget hotel with no flaws. Even though being a budget traveler, I hired my own room because the price difference between the dorm bed and a single room is not much. So I preferred to stay alone.


Local Life & Exploring In Kampot City

My first friend in Kampot

My first friend in Kampot

Most of the Cambodian cities are formed around the river. Kampot is not strange to that formula. There is a beautiful river running though the city which separates two sides of Kampot. There are several beautiful restaurants on the either banks of the river. You can find different cuisines ranging from Mexican to American, from Italian to Indian. You can find everything within this beautiful city. You can drink anywhere like in most south east Asian cities¬†as long as you don’t disturb anyone you will be on the safe side.



There are some unique attractions in Kampot which are woth mentioning. The Bokor mountain is one the major attraction in Kampot. If you finish your Kampot trip without visiting Bokor mountain, then it just means that you have never visited Kampot. Your trip will not be complete. So please do pay the visit to this mother nature’s gift.


Road To Bokor Mountain

It is a beautiful little mountain which will help you to escape the hot temperature of Cambodia. The temperature in the mountain may range from 18 to 25 degree Celsius. During winter, it would be much colder. To be honest, the road to the Bokor mountain is the best road in the entire Cambodia. It is no less than the quality of roads in Europe or US. When I drive through Bokor, I was completely surrendered to the beauty of this entire mountain. I will dedicate a separate post for this beautiful mountain. I can’t describe this superb experience in 100 words.¬†There are also a lake and a waterfall in Bokor mountain.

Old french church in Bokor mountain

An Old Abandoned French Church In Bokor Mountain

Riverside restaurants and local Khemer beers are also worth mentioning. The pepper plantation of Kampot is also one of the huge attractions here. You will be educated about how the peppers are cultivated. The staffs are so helpful and they love to share their knowledge with us. Don’t miss out this beautiful place.

Pepper Cultivation In Cambodia


Pepper Plantation Kampot

Pepper farm in Kampot, Cambodia

I can say this from my heart, even though the city may look small, you can finish all the attractions in 2 or 3 days. I would say spend more time as possible. This tiny cute city has lot much to feed to your mental health. From pepper plantation to stunning Bokor mountain, this place is something more beautiful which will heal you mentally. I felt like I had an another birth when I traveled through the Bokor hills and whenever I had the chance to have conversation with the locals.

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