Battambang – The Local Life And The Expats Culture

Battambang City – Living and Touring

Battambang is one of the important cities of Cambodia with Agriculture as its backbone. I have been to Battambang during May 2016. It was an mixed experience to me. People in Battambang are proud of their city. It is one of the quality rice bowl cities of Cambodia. There are some major attractions in Battambang, Cambodia.

Battambang City

Battambang City Photos

The Local Life

The city is so calm and the main city will be covered in half a day if you visit many places. There are many locals as well as expats. You can see many khemers who went to other nations during the Khemer Rouge and now back to their own cities. So in Battambang many people speaks English. The communication is far better when compared to other parts of Cambodia. There are few famous bars which serves as a meeting point for the expats who live in Battambang. Especially the Ganehsa bar, Dragon and Hostel Cambodia.

Battambang CIty Center

Battambang CIty Center

Expats in Battambang

Many foreigners from different parts of the world has made Battambang their temporary home. I visited Battambang because of one of my friends suggestions. I met many expats who were staying there for more than a year and some are working with NGOs and others find a small local job with work visa for a year and there are some who doing their own business. There is something that this small city keeps attracting foreigners increasingly.

Battambang Expats

Battambang Expat Life

Where can you meet expats in Battambang

Every evening almost all expats meets at some specific bars which I mentioned above. They stay there, have beers,get drunk and reaches their home or dorm after 2 or 3 AM or some spends the entire day in the bar and goes next day. Most expats are good. There are also few expats living there without proper visa and getting addicted to drugs etc.,

Safety and Crime in Battambang

Battambang is one of the safest cities in Cambodia. There no big crimes. During my stay I never faced any issues. EVen when I asked people about the crime in Battambang, they said this city is safer than Siem Reap and much more safer than Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville where the crimes are on increasing rate.

Some times you will be approached by Tuk Tuk drivers not for a ride but for boom boom, meaning sex. And also they are ready to offer Cocaine and weeds if you want one. They will try their best and chase wherever you go to do business. You can move politely or you can move without uttering a word but don’t try to confront them, just let them pass like a passing clouds.

Places to visit in Battambang | Battambang point of interest

There are some beautiful places in Battambang that you can visit almost within a day. Especially Bamboo Train, Killing Caves, Ek Phnom Temple, Phnom Sampeau Temple and Bat Caves.


Bamboo train is one of the traditional attraction which is few minutes ride from the main city.

Killing Caves is a place where you can see the dark history of Cambodia. Yes the Khemer Rouge, never miss that place. There are statues that will explain the brutality of killings that happened to the innocent people.

Statues depiction in killing caves Battambang images

Statues depiction in killing caves Battambang images


Ek Phnom temple is a beautiful ancient temple. Now it is almost in ruins. I hope Cambodian government is taking some steps to rejuvenate it. It is 15 Kms far form Battambang city.


Ek Phnom Temple Near Battambang


Ek Phnom Temple Near Battambang Images

Phnom Sampeau temple is a big hill temple located adjacent to the killing caves. It has some magnificent views that you can see it once you climb the steep path. There are lot of monkey on the way to the temple.

Phnom Sampeau temple

Phnom Sampeau temple


Phnom Sampeau temple photos

Phnom Sampeau temple images

Phnom Sampeau temple images

Bat caves is on the way to the Phnom Sampeau temple and Killing caves. You can see millions of bats if you only go on the right time.

There is a beautiful river that splits the Battambang city. You can see the french bridge on the middle, it is one of the important landmakrs of the Battambang city.

Old French Bridge Battambang

French Bridge Battambang

Cost of living in Battambang

It is pretty cheap, there are many medium priced restaurants every where. You can run a day with 10 dollars including the rent for a dorm. Dormitory prices ranges from 5 to 12$. You can hire a bike for a day from 5$ to 10$. So everything is affordable in this beautiful little city. There is a night market which you can buy anything for a better price.

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