Siem Reap City – The Ancient Paradise | The City Of Gaint Temples | Siem Reap Solo Traveler Tips

Siem Reap the city which holds one fo the world heritage monuments, The Angkor Wat. There are millions and millions of tourists flying to Siem Reap to catch the glimpse of Angkor temple complex. I would say that everyone in the world should go to this city to witness the architectural intelligence of ancient people and which in turn will be an amazing experience for you. As a solo traveler I enjoyed my 10 day stay in Siem Reap.


How To Reach Siem Reap City

Siem Reap is well connected with road, air and water ways. The best way to reach Siem Reap is either by getting a flight in Bangkok or Phnom Penh. The journey takes not more than an hour. By road you can get bus to the authorized border points of Cambodia which provides Visa and you can get the Visa within 45 minutes. Getting visa is pretty easy with not many strict restrictions in Cambodia as the country rely largely on tourism for economy nowadays.


Siem Reap International Airport – Visa On Arrival

Hotels, Restaurants and Pubs in Siem Reap


Hotels, Restaurants and Bars in Siem Reap Pub Street


There are many hotels, pubs and restaurant in Siem Reap. The best way to do is to have a walk around the night market (old market) where you can buy lot of dresses, antiques, spices and many other local Cambodian stuff.

Pub Street, Siem Reap – Review


Pub Street Siem Reap

If you walk bit further you will reach Pub Street. In the pub street there are series of pubs, bars, restaurants and massage parlors. It is a small street and not as big like walking street in Pattaya, yet it is a good street to walk around. Don’t expect a lot, it is just small street with some good music and few attractive restaurants, bars and pubs.

Siem Reap River

When you are staying in Siem make sure that you are going for a casual walk alongside the Siem Reap river. It would be better to do cycling along the flow of river. It would be a great sight and also energizes your body. There might be little bit of pollution over there. As an Indian I am used to pollution, so for me it didn’t bother, but I will suggest you to take some measures.

Siem Reap Temples


Preparation for celebration in front of Bayon Temple, Siem Reap



Stones in Angkor Temple Complex

Last but not least, Temples in Siem Reap are well known for its long history, architecture, religious references, war and pride. The Angkor Complex is worth mentioning. There are plenty of Hindu temples in this magnificent complex. The entry ticket to Angkor complex is 20$ per head for a day as per July 2016. You can hire a tuk tuk driver to show you around the temple. There three different types of passes like one day, three days and a weekly pass and the price varies. I can say that it is worth the price and you will never regret. Make sure you are having Sun Creams with you as the weather in Siem Reap is hot most time. As an Indian it didn’t affect me much but I would request everyone to have a sun creams with you.

Have a great trip. Your comments are very much appreciated.

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