Laos – First Impression

Laos is a landlocked country surrounded by China, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Mostly getting visa for Laos is not a complex process especially for the people of countries who can get visa on arrival. The Mighty Mekong rivers runs through out the country which you can witness almost in all cities.


How To Reach Laos

There are two best ways to reach Laos form Thailand. It is either through flight from Vientiane to Bangkok or you can reach Laos from Nong Khai through Laos – Thailand friendship bridge. The visa fees varies from 20 – 40$ depends on your nationality. The cost of reaching Vientiane from Lao immigration office is around 100 Bhats or 4 – 5 $.


About Laos Capital, Vientiane

Vientiane airport and bus station are easily access from the city center. And there are some good stuffs to see in Vientiane but not as good as rest of the tourist spots in Laos. It is nothing but much like other small commercial cities, the people who try to rip off your money are usually tuk-tuk and taxi drivers like elsewhere in the world. Never hesitate to bargain with those guys unless that vehicle is the last one leaving from your point or you are in a rush.



My first photo in Laos from the traditional Tuk-Tuk..


First Impression On Laos People

Most people are good and invite you with a smile. But as usual people who does business will always see you as a two legged ATM. And most will try to extract as much as money they can.


Tuk-Tuks in Laos Southern Bus Station

But the above point is more related to Tuk-tuk and Cab(Taxi) drivers. Otherwise the people are fine and you can bargain and get a reasonable price to see all over the city. Locals are too good and friendly and they will try to communicate with you and help you if you are in a problem 🙂


The first friend I met in Laos. He is an Italian 🙂

Will be back with more info on my Laos Trip 🙂

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