Kodaikanal Recent Trip | My Experience In Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is called as the princess of hill stations. It receives visitors from various parts of India and also from foreign countries. You will feel the weather as soon as you start your journey uphill from Vathalagundu/Batlagundu. The mind blowing hills, tress, plantations, small villages, small streams, falls will make your travel mesmerized. The chill weather is worth mentioning.


As I wanted to escape from my hectic life for a while, I considered various places before leaving. Then I zeroed in on Kodaikanal and I was glad that I did it. I went to Kodaikanal with two of my friends. Since I had already visited this place before, my friends were so excited as they were purely based on hot Chennai from their childhood. They loved it. I have shared some of the beautiful pictures of Kodaikanal below.


Kodaikanal Latest Photos

  • Travelling Kodaikanal Uphill Photos – Kodaikanal Roads Photos

Kodaikanal Hills Latest Images


Vathalagundu to Kodaikanal road/way Pictures



Kodaikanal Road Bends / Curves

  • Mathikettan Shola (The forest which will make you unconscious if you entered inside) 

Mathikettan Shola / Mathikettan Solai Entry Point


Mathikettan Shola Forest Pictures


Mathikettan Shola photo in a closer view


This is one of the uncleared mystery revolves around this place. This beautiful forest is located on the way to Berijam Lake/Reservoir. The route to Berijam is very restricted by government authorities. You need to get proper entry permit to access this place and off course it has some minimal charges below 1000 INR. I went to this place with the help of a local travel agency. You should experience this awesome scenic route. Beware of monkeys and Bison (Indigenous to Kodaikanal).

  • Botanical Garden Kodaikanal

You can see a many kinds of flowers in this garden. It is one of the well maintained and huge botanical garden in India. And during tourist season it will be crowded very much. But yet you can admire this beautiful and huge garden.


Flower show in Kodaikanal Botanical garden pictures


Botanical Garden Images




Beautiful flowers in Botanical Garden


  • Berijam Lake – Road to Berijam

Berijam lake is one of the most protected lake. You can see forest authorities and police everywhere. You are not allowed to consume alcohol or to smoke inside this restricted area. Please don’t try to do. Just enjoy the beauty of mother nature.

People are not allowed to bath or to enter inside the lake. Since it is slippery and there are leaches every where. So be careful when you try to sit on the grass(I would say never sit).


Berijam Lake / Berijam Reservoir Photos

  • Coaker’s Walk Photos




Periyakulam view from Coaker’s walk covered by midst


Coaker’s Wlak Photos On Cloudy Day


If you are an Indian or a person who is visiting India, you should visit the mighty Kodaikanal at least once to get rid of your hectic schedule or stress and dwell in the mother nature’s beauty.


How To Reach:

You have to reach Kodaikanal through Vethalagundu/Batlagundu or if you are coming from Coimbatore region you can reach Kodaikanal via Palani.

  • Through Air: Madurai is the nearest airport.
  • By Bus: You can either get bus to Dindigul and then reach Kodaikanal. Luckily many buses are operated to Kodaikanal directly from all major cities in Tamil Nadu.
  • By Train: You can reach Madurai or Dindigul railway station. From there you can get bus or taxi to Kodaikanal.


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