Sala Keoku Park In Nong Khai | Hindu Cum Buddhist Park In Thailand

After a full swing of work in Thailand for 9 days, the day came that I should leave this country. On these 9 days I hardly had time to go sightseeing. Even though it is a hectic schedule, I got a great opportunity meet some great people. My client is an Australian and his wife is a Thai, both are made for each other and also very nice humans. Also I met an Italian guy, an English man and a German. That was an incredible experience. That was the first time I ever moved with foreigners so close and I still cherish each and every moment of it. This park shows the evolution of Hinduism in Thailand and also the inevitable impact of Hindu religion in present day activities too.


Nong Khai Park Entrance Photo | Sala Keoku Park Entrance

Coming to that point, on the last day of my trip, I visited this beautiful Sala Keoku park in Nong Khai, Thailand, on the way to Udon Thani air port. The park invites you with an Ohm symbol (Divine symbol of Hinduism).  And after you stood stunned, you will see some gigantic Buddha statues. Different kinds of huge statues and also some Hindu Gods statues of the same height. the park clearly signifies the presence and impact of Hinduism still in Thailand. Most Thai people still prays to Hindu before the perform any opening ceremony of a business or anything.


Sala Keoku Park Photos








Lord Ganesha Statue In Nong Khai, Thailand Image


Lord Hanuman Statue In Nong Khai, Thailand | Photos




Statues In Sala Keoku Park


How To Reach

You can hire a cab from Nong Khai, which is about just few kilometers away from the city or you can hire a tuk tuk vehicle.


Entrance Fees

When I wen there the entrance fees was 10 Bhat for Thai citizen and 20 Bhat for foreigners. The park is worth a visit so don’t miss it. I had a great moments there.

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