A Trip to Northeast Thailand – Pak Khat, Nong Khai | A 10 Days Journey To Isaan (Isan)

During the end of September, 2015, I had a chance to visit rural Thailand. It was one of the most memorable experiences I ever had. I visit some great people from all parts of the world. Actually I went there for a work but I had some opportunity to explore the local area somewhat. I stayed at a resort in Pak Khat, Bueng Kan Province. My work place was located at Banton. It is not as modern and rich as either Pattaya or Bangkok. Yet it has everything those cities offer in a smaller scale. There are no beaches but there is Mekong river and “peace”.

Mr.House Resort | Mr House Resort, Pak Khat

Mr.House Resort | Mr House Resort, Pak Khat

My resort was located at the banks of beautiful Mekong river, which separates Thailand and Laos. I woke up seeing Laos on the other side every morning. That is a magnificent view, I still cherish. I stayed in Mr.House resort. It is a very good resort, the owners and staffs were very friendly. And there is a dog called Pizza, he will become friend with you at the first instance itself.


Reach Nong Khai by Air


I was staying in China when the client called me to come to Thailand and work here. I came to Udon Thani airport and from there Nong Khai is about an hour drive and from there Pak Khat is about 1 hour drive. If you are travelling in the day time you can see some beautiful farm lands, buildings, street shops, Temples and beautiful people all the way.


Rubber Plantation In Northeast Thailand

Life For Tourists In North Eastern Thailand

As I said it is different from the major tourist attractions of Thailand. I had a chance to have a glimpse at famous Dragon festival celebrated in Pak Khat where people from different parts of the country and from neighboring countries. If you are a budget traveler, this is the right place to have peace and interact with good local people and you will have chance to visit some beautiful temples.


Cost Of Living In Isan

To be frank it is cheap. As a middle class Indian, I didn’t feel much difference between price in India and here. Foods are cheap. You can get a good food that fills your stomach for 1 – 2 Us dollars ($).  There are small bars and restaurants every 100 meters. You will have a chance to explore delicious street foods. Chicken and pork are more commonly available foods here. There are two big super markets with in the distance of two kilometers from Pak Khat.


Street Foods

Foreigners / Westerners (Farang) in Pak Khat

You will see some westerners in this area. Many foreigners staying here are married to Thai women and spending their rest of the lives here. They jell well. (I am not sure about how Indo-Thai marriage will workout 😉 ). So you no need to worry about visiting westerners here. If you walk out in the evening you will at least find a group of westerners having drinks or roaming here and there.


People Of North Eastern Thailand

People of north east Thailand are nice and always smiling. 97% of them don’t speak English. They speak Thai mixed with Lao. I think their accent is different from the rest of the Thailand. I never faced any attacks or seen any violence during my stay. People were helpful. There are lot of westerners there, so you won’t be an alien. But as an Indian, I am sure they barely seen any Indians in their life. So people use to stare at me for a second and then they go, but definitely not in a harmful way. They are just surprised 🙂


I am looking forward to go to Isan again to meet those nicest people one more time.


Streets Of Isan

A Typical Architecture Of House In Isan

A Typical Architecture Of House In Isan


Street Parallel To Mekong River

Street Parallel To Mekong River


A Street In Pak Khat Photos

A Street In Pak Khat Photos

Random Photos


Pizza The Dog



A Dog Near My Office Location

Mekong River Photos | Thailand – Laos Water Border Images





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