A Trip To Goa – From a Solo Traveler’s Point Of View

As an individual traveler I did lot of research before reaching Goa. I went to Goa on July, 2015. I stayed at Baga in a resort called Baga Villa, owned by a Indo-British Couple. That was the first time I traveled out of my state alone. And my first longest trip ever. I gained some confidence and reached Goa. The resort people picked up me as soon as I reached Baga.


The Famous Baga Beach Photo

As you all know North Goa is famous for beaches, parties, drinks, pubs and discotheque. The place is always electrifying. The famous Tito lane is located in Baga.


There are many famous pubs and restaurants are located on that lane. It drives many westerners and youngsters from other parts of India too. The lane ends at the beach.


A Restaurant In Baga

I went to famous Baga beach. I saw people piercing Tattoo on the beach for 4-5 $. There are renowned bars with restaurants. The foods were delicious and lot of varieties available. I sat at the beach for 2 hours and inside the restaurant for 2 hours viewing the crowd gathering with friends and family there. And on the right hand side of the beach there is a beautiful mountain. I want there to a particular distance. But government authorities advised me to not to go there due to the stones which are slippery and there are increasing number of accidents day by day taking place there.

Baga Beach Way To The Small Mountain

Baga Beach Way To The Small Mountain


Stone Gravel IN Baga Beach

Stone Gravel In Baga Beach

Next day I hired bike for rent. I hired Honda activa, which costed me 500 INR for 2 days, which is almost 10$. Since I went in off-season the prices were standard else it will be high.


I went to the famous Agoda fort next morning. The way to the Agoda fort is scenic and on the way you will see some boat house too. If you are lucky and the boat house is open you should go for a ride there. I missed the opportunity. And I reached Agoda fort and spent some good time there watching the sea from the top, seeing friends chatting, lovers romancing, families enjoying and kids playing like anything. It was a great atmosphere. The fort was built by Portuguese. You can walk around the fort, take pictures and can have a glimpse of the beautiful sea. Overall it will be a pleasant view.


Agoda Fort Path



Agoda Fort Interior



Beautiful View Of Sea From Agoda Fort



Outside View

Next day I went to Calangute and Candolim beaches. Calangute is one of the busiest beaches in Goa. There are lot of things to buy and many small shops here and there whereas Candolim beach is calm and holds a big restaurant on its shore. You can spend some peaceful time in Candolim.


Calangute Beach Shopping

How safety is Goa For a Individual Traveler

This is the question that comes to everyone’s mind when they decide to travel alone not only Goa but to any tourist destinations. I never faced any issues. But I had one bad experience with a ruthless guy. Mistakenly, his bike fell off because of me. No scratches and anything. But the guy showed me a scratch which occurred long time before and argued with me that now only that bike got that scratch. He asked me 500 Rupees but I end up paying 300 INR and moved away. Because I don’t want to mess with him as I am solo over there. Other than that Goans are nice and friendly. If you ask help, they will do. As non-Hindi speaking Indian I still managed to get help from Goan people who knows very little English.


Cost And Bargaining Price In Goa

The prices of foods in Goa are not that high. I went to Goa on off-season. But I think there won’t be much differences when you go on-season. Before buying any thing ask the price. That’s a piece if suggestion not advice I offer you. Because once you bought they will increase the price. Beware of that.


Overall Goa has many beautiful places to visit other than the one I listed above. There are Casinos, waterfalls, sanctuaries and beautiful churches and religious places. So don’t miss the opportunity. Due to time constraints I am not able to stay there for long. Definitely Goa is a tourist heaven.


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